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World Cup, Quatar 2022

Soccer (futbol) is more than sacred in Argentina...more than a religion, it's a common passion that literally stops the country and sets hearts on fire, during important games.


Some of the best soccer players of all times are Argentinians like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi who will be playing his last World Cup this time in Quatar. 

We'll be supporting Team Argentina and broadcasting all games our team plays during the World Cup Quatar 2022.


The first games: 

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, Tuesday November 22nd, 5am

Argentina vs Mexico, Saturday November 26th, 2pm

Argentina vs Poland, Saturday Nov 30th, 2pm


RESERVE YOUR SEAT! as our space is limited, and come earlier to get your order before the game starts! (expect the service to be very slow during the game) Join us!!! 

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